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Revised Global Touring Cars Race 2 results see changes on East London podiums

The application of four post-Race 2 penalties in Round 5 of the Global Touring Cars (GTC) Championship & SupaCup changed the classification, with both class podiums affected in the process.

In the GTC Championship, the findings related to an incident between Julian van der Watt (Chemical Logistics BMW 128ti) and Andrew Rackstraw (RDSA / Sparco Volkswagen Golf 8 GTI) saw the pair swopping positions, with Rackstraw classified in third after Van der Watt received a 10-second penalty in terms of Sporting Regulation 25.2.

Arnold Neveling (GOSCOR Lift Truck Company) was promoted to third in the GTC SupaCup following the findings of an incident between Tate Bishop (ANGRi Racing Academy) and Keegan Campos (Veloce Automobili). Bishop was found in breach of Sporting Regulation 25.4 and received a five-second penalty, which also promoted Campos to fourth place.

However, points leader Campos also received a slap on the wrist for his conduct in parc ferme following the race and relating to the above incident. Although no immediate action was required, Campos could be penalised if he is found guilty of a repeat offence in the following two rounds.

Karah Hill (Kalex) and her Volkswagen Polo SupaCup were below the minimum combined weight specified in the regulations. Subsequently, she was excluded from the results, which promoted Danie van Niekerk (Titan Stunts / Van Niekerk Racing) into the top six.

Post-event penalties result from incidents and findings reported but are often adjudicated and communicated following presentation ceremonies and press content preparations.

Ravised Race 2 results following penalties
Link to the 2023 National GTC and GTC SupaCup Championships Sporting Regulations

GTC Championship
GTC SupaCup

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