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Rackstraw ready for GTC Round 2

It’s race week. Round 2 of the GTC season sees a fair trek for the RDSA Audi GTC Team exactly 1455km north of Cape Town to Zwartkops Raceway. Andrew Rackstraw, who has been a busy man of late, has just returned from an impressive international debut race in Scotland. So, from Scotland to Pretoria, let’s talk racing!

Zwartkops Raceway

Situated on the outskirts of Centurion, Zwartkops Raceway is a short 2.4km circuit that features slow-speed technical corners with a selection of very high-speed sections too. It boasts a total of 8 corners, 3 left-handers and 5 right-handers to complete a lap.

Looking at the track layout you might assume that it is an easy track to learn but be warned, it is one of the most deceiving circuits you will ever see. It is very technical and requires good track knowledge to really extract the lap times, something Rackstraw has from his single-seater triumphs at the circuit, but this will be a new challenge for the young man. A fair dose of bravery is usually required to extract the best possible lap time at Zwartkops due to the limited run-off areas. Mistakes can prove to be very costly.

Hotspot overtaking areas are into Turn 2, Turn 5 and Turn 8. Although you might just see action elsewhere given the closeness of the racing to be expected this weekend.

The Weekend Forecast

If the racing is going to be anything like what we saw in Round 1, then expect some real door to door action. Rackstraw who learned a lot from his away trip will be reaping the opportunity to apply his new skills in his Audi S3. Just prior to going away, Rackstraw completed a morning test session at Zwartkops. The car looked good and the driver was as quick as ever. The WCT team prepares their race cars to the highest standard and with some new parts fitted to the Audi, it will be interesting to see how car and driver get on this weekend against some stiff competition.

If you remember, Rackstraw had a very respectable GTC debut in Cape Town capturing a P4 in Race 2. The goal for this weekend will be the same, stick to the top dogs and maximize any opportunities that present themselves. The more points he can put in the bag the better and if he stays consistent like he was in Cape Town then Round 2 should be just as good.

In terms of the weather forecast, clear skies and cooler conditions around the 21-degree mark are to be expected. With Johannesburg, never discount a mid-afternoon thunderstorm though.

“I am really excited for the 2nd round of the GTC championship at Zwartkops. I will be using the momentum and confidence carried out from my overseas trip and develop that into this weekend. I do believe I am understanding more about what it takes to be a more all-rounded racing driver and will use these skills I learned from overseas and play to my strengths this weekend. I will adapt this weekend, trying to extract as much out of the car and the results should follow. I am really looking forward to the challenge that awaits us!”

See You There

Spectators are expected to pack into Zwartkops for this weekend’s action. Slowly but surely normality resumes. The pristine international quality grounds always offer plenty of viewing opportunities for good racing. There is also always something fun to do and many food options to indulge in. Don’t forget to cheer on the bumble-bee coloured, RDSA S3 Audi GTC car. Andrew Rackstraw is a friendly guy and would love to meet his fans, so feel free to come and pay him a visit in the pits.

“I’m excited to see everyone there and look forward to seeing all of the spectators.”

Andrew Rackstraw

Issued by RaceBook on behalf of Andrew Rackstraw.
Image courtesy of Jeff Latham (Motorsport Fanatix)

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