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Goodnews V5 is not a regular update it’s completely new theme with modern techniques and tons of new features, God willing the complete documentation and the full upgrade instructions will be ready in next 2 days

We are fully aware that we provide our customers not only a good theme but also a value. For that purpose, three priorities have been considered during the development of GoodNews theme; the experience, the interests and the aspirations of the user.
Pertaining to the experience of the user, GoodNews theme fits users of all levels; it is suitable for newbie, intermediate and professional users. Every one can customize it easily, quickly and accurately.
Concerning the interests of the users, Goodnews theme will accommodate all of them. It can be customized for personal blogs, internet marketing, product reviews, news websites and, etc
Regarding the aspirations of the user, Goodnews will meet them to the maximum extent because we understand in advance the user’s expectations and ambitions. We know that the user wants a theme by which he can achieve:

Goodnews can fulfill this goal because it is easy customizable and with few simple clicks from inside the dashboard you will be able to create as many unique websites and blogs as you want.

With goodnews theme, you will never worry about the appearance of your website whether in the web browsers or in the smart devices. Your blog or website will be compatible with all web browsers and responsive to all smart devices.

You certainly want to optimize your site for both your readers/customers and the search engines. Goodnews will help you to do so because it will catch your readers’ eyes and also they will navigate inside it fast and easily. On the other hand, Goodnews theme has been coded very well taking into account the standards and rules of search engine optimizations.

We have developed a very smart ad system inside Goodnews. You can put your ad codes and graphics, and choose the right position to achieve your ad goals, with all standard ads units sizes.

Continuous updating
We realize that the change is the law of life and what is good today, might not be so in the future. And what you may like today might not be what you like tomorrow.
For that, we update Goodnews regularly to meet your needs constantly. Sometimes and when it is necessary, we update not only some parts of the theme but also the whole theme, and in this case, you have the choice, to keep the old version if you are satisfied with, or to download the updated one if you liked.

Reliable customer service
When you face any problem related to any function of the theme, at any time, just send us a ticket and you will receive a prompt response with a definitive answer to solve that problem in record time.

We believe that words have power and they need an attractive template to work like magic. For that, we create that template for them. We created for them (Goodnews).

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